Sunday Bests: The Good Stuff

I have a countdown to Thanksgiving break and a special visitor. I won’t get into all the things that got us to this visit – maybe one day.

The last few weeks for work has sucked, simply and plainly. It’s busy and filled with a lot of unnecessary tasks and challenges that makes me wonder, Is it worth it? I’ve oscillated from crying to anger far too frequently.


First things first, thank goodness for the long weekend!


The Good Things

My work wife and I dressed up as avocado halves for Halloween. Her birthday was last week also and I am so thankful for her. When I have a bad day, she gives me a hug (and I don’t hug many people comfortably), gets a beer or two with me, and cheers me up. Last weekend, she sensed I was having a rough time and out of nowhere, messaged me “Miss you!” I ended up spilling to her what I felt I couldn’t tell anyone.


The same day, at the staff meeting, BOTH of us were given awards by students. So yeah, sometimes it’s worth it and I don’t forget those moments, those successes.


More frequent happy hours and not feeling bad about them. TAPS Brewery has a copycat crunch wrap! We also went went to Barley Forge this week.


Jordan and I linked up again to explore the Museum of Contemporary Art and Little Tokyo. We ate super spicy ramen and tried bae ice cream.


We stopped in and LOVED Wolf & Crane. I got a Japanese whiskey-matcha-yuzu cocktail.


Sunday was a celebration of love: a fancy tea party-themed bridal shower…


…and Sam’s engagement!


Coming up…

Looking forward to Thanksgiving break with that special visitor! Peep what we’re doing in 4 days!



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