Sunday Bests: Fall-ish

It was another doozy of a week. I had a couple of meetings (and more coming up that I plan and lead), covered absent teachers’ classes, and little things here and there. Despite daily naps, I was so exhausted every night, I fell asleep with my phone in my hand. But it was rewarding.


The past few weekends was focused on catching up on rest and sleep, and finally, after almost 2 months, I got a mani and much needed pedi – my feet were gross!


What’s getting me through: Chameleon Cold Brew.



I took my time getting up and put together a Halloween package, complete with a cookie from Blackmarket BakerySee you later as in see you next month! 🙂


I believe this fortune cookie.


Checked off another bucket list item: pumpkin carving.



I struggled with weekend ideas, but I shared what I wanted and someone suggested gardening. I took that as visiting a garden and picked out South Coast Botanic Garden.

It might look kind of like fall in the photos, but it was hot. I lasted an hour before heading to Long Beach Creamery.



  • THIS IS GOOD: making peace with bygone dreams.
  • I send a little package every month and it’s such a joy putting them together!
  • I forget what month it was when I set the goal of “talk less, listen more,” but I still need to work on it!
  • When I do talk, I’m using “we” more. We’re all in this together!
  • Does anyone really turn off their cell phones on planes anymore?
  • Netflix has some excellent originals. I haven’t watched their topped ranked ones yet though!
  • Planning a visit next month – going to Palm Springs and then San Diego. Everyone loves SD, but I’m always stuck. I found a couple of ideas though here and here.


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