Sunday Bests: A Crazy New Endeavor

Last week was the beginning of a new and challenging “endeavor.” I’m teaching an extra class of some of the most difficult students at school.

After our first day, my work wife and I needed a drink.


But things got better fast. It’s a welcomed challenge, a wrench tossed into the routine. I’m spending more than my hour with the group too.



My life-work balance is pretty crap right now, but I’m not unhappy with it. It involves working a little more, napping, working out, preparing for the next day, and either messaging/talking on the phone.


There was a moment at my friend’s baby shower on Saturday, where her daughter – apparently children like me – and our friend’s dog were on either side of me looking for attention. As my friends were socializing, I was happy in the little moment.

It felt like a metaphor for my life right now – lots of demands but pleasant. Socializing, aside from my work wife and my phone calls, is a low priority. Guess we know who matters most. A medium priority is adventure by myself or with my adventure buddy, who tops off the top 3 of “those who matter right now.”

On Sunday, I checked off another autumn bucket list item: explore the Museum of Natural History with my mom and cousin.



Randomly stumbled upon a post about Asheville and thinking about the next time I’ll visit.

One of the many topics we chit chat about on the phone – how our political parties are extreme and now people feel estranged. Hey, George Washington warned against factions.

We also talk about bats. I never seem to spot ’em.

…and psychology. There’s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and then hierarchy of food needs.

Another good Netflix original: “Set It Up.” 

“You like because, and you love despite. You like someone because of all of their qualities, and you love someone despite some of their qualities. And I like you almost as much as I love you.”

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