Sunday Bests: Doing Less

After camping last weekend, I bailed on everything this weekend (Oktoberfest & hiking Mt. Islip) and was totally fine with it.

I was spent and I’m conserving energy for some things at work that I’ll talk about later. What I can say now is, I’m honored to be part of a rad team, I’m nervous about my ability to handle it, and I’m also fired up to both help people and prove to myself and others I can!


Where to next?

Instead, I slept in, oogled future camping adventures, and booked a trip to Big Bear.

I spied the Noon Lodge on social media and caved after several weeks.


Don’t you have responsibilities?

I also went on a cleaning spree – finally vacuuming and wiping down the dirt and sand from Big Sur and cleaning the layer of dust that sat on top of the vanity like fallen snow. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never seen the top of the vanity living here for 4 years!

It lifted my anxiety to have everything clean. Now I just need to maintain it.

I ran a bunch of errands too, mostly to make tater tot casserole for tomorrow’s breakfast potluck at work.

I heard about it from a Midwesterner, but us Californians would call it loaded tater tots.

How’s the long distance thing going?

I planned on sleeping early to hike, but I spent 3 hours on the phone. Not to mention, we talked for 2 hours last Sunday, an hour and a half on Tuesday and another hour and a half on Thursday.

It’s uncharacteristically more – we’re used to talking 1-2 hours per week and sometimes not at all. So it’s still a thing it seems, and we talked briefly about the next thing we can look forward to doing together. Oh and you bet I brought it up so it’s not just abstract.

I sent an appropriate card because someone likes to rap and a Big Sur postcard and road trip snacks to share the experience.

What do you have to share?

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