September Recap & October Intentions

September Recap

  • Do less out of habit. I’ve skipped a bunch of events with the girls and I don’t feel bad about it. 🙂
  • Go out into nature. I did a couple of memorable hikes and spent a glorious 3 days in Big Sur. Now all my pending plans involve being outdoors.
  • Read a book. Still working on this. I’m still reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and added Girl Wash Your Face.
  • Give people space/give myself space. We haven’t had a tiff in awhile and my response was something like this, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. I hope you have a better day,” and having learned from our past, I knew anything I said at that moment would further aggravate the situation. “I’m going to give you space.” A few hours later, we worked it out when we were cooled off and focused (read: not at work).


I’m also giving myself space from people in general, limiting my interactions with larger groups of people.

October Intentions

  • Eat more food. I’m terrible about eating enough food to support muscle growth and weight loss. It comes from my past eating disorders – in the back of my head, I still count calories.
  • Sleep more. I stay up late chatting with a special person so I can’t really give that up, but I can take my naps and sleep in on the weekends.
  • Relieve stress with walks and journaling. I drop this sometimes, especially walks that aren’t hikes. I’ll pick up both because my eye is twitching, giving myself time in the early evenings for walks and journaling before bed.
  • Protect my spirit, mood, and energy. These quotes sum it all up.




Coming Up in October:

  • A weekend trip. Big Bear? Maybe a foray out to Colorado? It’s on my mind at least.
  • Hiking more.
  • Oktoberfests. I’m interested in some of these drunk games like Hammerschlagen.
  • Picking off items on my autumn bucket list.



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