Is it Fall Yet? (One Day Escape to Ventura/Santa Barbara)

Autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd, but I’m ready for it and Starbucks started pumpkin season awhile ago.

My fall bucket list is rather lofty, and I already know I can’t possibly do it all. There were just so many lines and I had to fill them all in.


Fall in California means… hiking! It was 75-ish yesterday so I drove up to Ventura/Santa Barbara for the day. The area has become my cheap “escape” once Jordan moved out here.

BFF Jordan and I climbed up to Cathedral Peak in Santa Barbara.


It was a literal climb. My hands are a little messed up from not being prepared for major scrambling – the rocks were hot! But we felt the same way everyone on AllTrails did, it was fun!


We were completely exhausted (and dusty) after the hike. After a shitty week that I won’t go into, it was nice to focus on making it up the mountain, eating Mexican food and drinking a skinny margarita… and more walking around downtown Ventura.


So it seems, my 3 favorite things are: nature, friends, and laughter.



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