Teaching Year 5 (Life Updates)

Work Life

I’ll say it and I’ll do it with confidence: this was the BEST back to school week ever.

  • My work wife returned this year and we’re feeding off each other. We started “Feel Good Friday” by bringing root beer floats for the staff.


  • My new neighbors are high energy and full of ideas.
  • Our new staff is fun and joined us at Friday happy hour.
  • Inspired, I redecorated my room for the first time!
  • The kids came into a fresh environment with structure, calm, and learning already – we started an extensive writing process that our history and English teams developed last year.
  • I was able to work with students one-on-one while the other kids actually worked!
  • My personal development goals to “talk less, listen more” has made me more open. The students feel comfortable and trust me – I already got a card, a picture of a sunrise, and a drawing of myself!
  • All my lessons for the next 2 weeks are done!

Self Care

  • I slept earlier and woke up and went to work earlier. I had time to slowly start my day too!
  • I worked out intuitively, between 30-60 minutes per day. I tried and relied mostly on the Tone It Up app this week.
  • I napped 3/5 days after work to rest my brain. Most of the naps were 30 minutes instead of 2 hours!
  • I ate in! I made protein shakes with oatmeal for breakfast and shashuka for lunch.


  • My coworker and I got manicures. I attempted a mermaid effect.


Personal Life

  • BFF Jordan and I went to Avocado Fest at Angel City Brewing, playing cornhole with strangers. This is a random man with an avocado shirt NOT Jordan.


  • We walked around the Arts District, checking out the murals, stopping into Pali Wine, and hilariously interpreting the art at Hauser & Wirth.


  • I finally bought my plane ticket to Denver for a long Labor Day weekend! 12 days away!


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