I bought a 2-piece swimsuit.

About 8 years ago, I was 110 pounds and bought my first 2-piece bathing suit. I remember the experience at a TJ Maxx, griping about the loose skin and stretch marks on my belly. I remember wearing it for the first time in the Outer Banks and feeling both good and bad about it.

Yesterday, I went swimsuit shopping. My fabric of my old one had started to droop. My friends have asked me why I don’t wear a 2-piece. I picked a handful of one-piece and saw the high-waisted bottoms pictured on my work wife (right in the picture) – it was the only one and in my size! And it fit perfectly and was so comfortable! Surprisingly, it was the top that took me forever to choose – I needed enough padding but not a giant shell!


I oscillate between feeling good about my body and terrible. This was a good day at a 4 hour happy hour drinking guava margaritas and eating ceviche over fantastic conversation.


The next day, I felt bloated in my sundress. That night, I got a message that complimented me in my dress and it made me smile. That person didn’t know how I was feeling about my body that day.

Then, we took our students on a 5-mile moderate hike which I led. I was strong and sweaty. My legs were sore from doing Kim K and Beyonce workouts the days before. 


I also bought new makeup – primer and foundation!

Then I spent 2 days purging, cleaning, and redecorating. I bought a new bed set. I originally wanted lavender, but I found Justina Blakeney‘s Ojai line at TJ Maxx for $40, a comforter for the same price, and a poof that matches my rug better in real life.


It’s a long and tiring process and I still need to add height on my nightstand with a plant or a lamp.

Who am I? Maybe this is almost 31?

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