May Recap & June Intentions

It’s always satisfying to reflect on past intentions and goals. I found an old bucket list that I’ll share and a new bucket list for the summer and life.

Let’s start with my May intentions:

  • Take chances. Spontaneously buy a plane ticket on Tuesday for Thursday? Yeah, I’ll do that. It went so well that I bought another plane ticket to Colorado. See how it went here.
  • Take dating “outdoors.” I stopped online dating, but I did meet my goal for the year! Time to try out offline dating with no plan. 🙂 I don’t know what to call it – MAGIC? Check out this post I wrote last August that popped up today. It was abstract at the time and now it’s a real thing.
  • Value my mama. It’s Mother’s Day this month so I’m going to plan a little something for her. I wanted to take mom to Catalina Island, but instead we went to lunch and hung out. Good enough for now.
  • Rest when I can. Sleep and nap whenever because I’m too busy. I think I did okay. Usually, I’m anal retentive about my workout schedule, but I’ve relaxed on it and can nap whenever.
  • Sing. After karaoke last week, I realized how fun it is! I went back and think I had a great time. I can’t quite remember though.
  • Use sunscreen. It’s spring/summatime and I’m gettin’ older. I use this.
  • Read a book. I read TWO (The Couple Next Door and All the Missing Girls) last month then fell off the wagon. 

June Intentions

  • Spend time alone. I’ve had a hard time being alone this year. In particular, I’ve struggled with traveling alone, but I have a solo road trip to Yosemite this weekend and I’m excited!
  • Practice yoga. I haven’t done much lately so I was surprised when I was able to nail a couple of poses I couldn’t before.
“Heart openers are intended to cure any broken hearts from our past, while allowing ourselves new opportunity for love. Backbends require a bit of vulnerability, but you will soon be shining your heart and light to the world.”
  • Connect with people who are faraway. This has come on its own. I spent an hour each day on the phone, FaceTime or messaging a friend the past 3 nights. I want to send cards too.
  • Be reckless with my heart. A friend is struggling with letting go of her pride which I have less of and I learned in our conversations that this time being reckless, opening up, and letting myself fall is a good idea. I’m not sure what this looks like exactly, but I’ll get back to you in a month.


I’ve always loved words (writing and speaking them), but I pondered the meaning of words yesterday when I felt like this:


…and I looked up quotes to describe it.


I searched “indescribable feelings” and maybe it’s this word:


Or maybe it’s a confluence of multiple words.

Here’s another one that relates to this post last August:

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