What’s in your “favorite place?” (3 days in Boulder)

One of my favorite places in the world is not far away. It’s a sub 2 hour plane ride and often costs me less than $150 for a flight.

It’s Colorado. I spent 3 days in Boulder and it felt like one long day.

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”

What does it take to earn a coveted spot as a “favorite place?”


I grew up in Huntington Beach, but I can’t swim very well so I didn’t enjoy water activities. I love escaping into the mountains, hiking, and getting fresh air.


We did a short hike at NCAR and to the bat cave, which unfortunately was closed.


Walkable or rideable

Boulder has a great trail system that made me jealous. I need a new bike and just looked up the price of the bike I borrowed… $1200???!


Good food

I didn’t eat out a lot on this trip, but we had Moe’s Bagels and Cosmo’s Pizza while laying in a field. We made lots of makeshift meals, ate some homemade vegan food, and of course, Boulder-based Justin’s Nut Butter!

They also have Blue Bell ice cream! This was our choice. 🙂


Root Down has a location in Denver but also in the airport. It’s so good my friend has eaten here twice on layovers and another friend used to use her flight privileges to eat at the airport location!


Cool people

I love seeing friends and making new ones! It’s so easy not in Orange County – I can and have made friends easily everywhere else I go.




This is hardly something I can explain. Maybe it’s a combination of all the things above, but I just relax in Boulder. I don’t have to do a lot to feel fulfilled and refreshed.

This is my 4th time in Boulder/Denver! I came here for the Blend Retreat in 2015, FitBloggin in 2016, and last year for a friend’s birthday!

Where is your favorite place?

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