Being A Teacher (Teacher Appreciation Week)

It’s the last month of school and tis semester has flown. Apparently, I’m the only person to be ecstatic while everyone else is worn down. Maybe it’s all my long weekends and trips. 🙂

I’m a firm believer that you should take your sick days.

I’m a believer that you shouldn’t wait for retirement but live like it now. My friend commented, “I want a job where I retire for 2 months in the year.” Yeah, that’s me and my life.

Because it allows me to take care of myself first and refreshed for the kids. Sure, sometimes, it sucks to come back from a busy weekend, but it also creates momentum and happiness.


I was bogged down with paperwork this week on top of the usual. I was dreading it, but I buckled down. I realized how efficient and competent I am at my job.


I held 12 back-to-back 30 minute meetings on Friday. I had to locate the student for each meeting, grab the parents from the office, type notes and changes, and offer my opinion on each kid… and I was able to do that flawlessly.


This is my 4th year holding these transition to high school meetings. Last year, we were complimented by how well we did. I felt okay about them, but I felt even better this year.

(RANT) I really know my kids. These are my babies, in this creepy voice. Besides knowing them for 3 years, these are the kids we kept me sane. They may be rambunctious, but they are good. They were a bright spot in my hardest year of teaching (year 2) and a tough time in my life (two shitty “relationshits”). We’ve shared the snacks I brought home from ExpoWest, made Aztec chocolate, competed in the Greek Olympics, and projects that I designed specifically for them because they inspired me. (END RANT)

Teaching is fun because life is fun! I’m just an overly positive person who is lucky enough to work with people I consider my family. I’m in a boys’ club of history teachers and I’m not passive. I’m involved and present. The best compliment I received was: “I didn’t sub your class. I had a choice between your class and (other teacher), and you’re too active in your class.”

So I teach like I live life.

I like to not just be present but pumped (because that helps the day go by sooo much faster), I want to learn and grow, and most importantly and why I got into this career, I want to connect with people and “make a difference.”

That’s what brings me joy: people, and teaching is a people profession.


Why do you do what you do?

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