My Horoscope Told Me… to Rest & “Enjoy the Adventure”

This is my first weekend at home since… March? I was in Europe, camping, hiking (in LA so this is still considered home), in Mexico, and North Carolina. While most of it was restful, just “being” was much needed and my monthly horoscope agrees.*

(Read this: The Weirdest Best Part of Trips)

Aside from being out of town on the [long] weekends, I’ve had meetings and tons of paperwork to prepare, track practice, and some social engagements to keep up with.


Friday night, we teachers celebrated ourselves for Teacher Appreciation Week:




32314094_10100272702733928_1074986655846236160_n (1)

…and I hardly did anything this weekend but chit chat on the phone for hours in the middle of the night, write in my journal, eat food, attempt to watch TV (but there’s nothing good on), and draw. I’m working on words today.


Speaking of my horoscope, it’s scary. I wonder if there’s any way I could have interpreted it differently if I wasn’t in my situation, but it’s so clear!


So here’s my self-encouraging quote of the day:


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