Day Trip to Ojai

I took the day off. Being me, I packed my schedule so full last week, my body crashed.

After Expo West, I went out almost every evening. I did take last Monday as a self-care day, but it was hardly enough for all the socializing, workouts (which was slightly less than my usual), and busy-ness at work.

Then, on top of that, I planned a weekend trip to visit a friend. It’s so great to have a good friend close enough to drive to and far enough to get out of town.


We intended on hiking the Santa Paula Punch Bowls first, but the trail was closed, likely due to rain (and mudslides that could occur due to the Thomas Fire).

Instead, we drove to Ojai. I’ve been to Ojai, but it wasn’t as fun with my dad. 🙂

First stop, Ojai Tortilla House, a little hole-in-the-wall that makes your burritos with fresh tortillas on the spot. I wouldn’t say they’re the best burrito ever, but the price ($6) was super reasonable. There is no seating so we took our burritos and sat in Liberty Park downtown.

*Note: We considered The Nest for lunch. The menu wasn’t appealing but locals later highly recommended it.

We did a wine tasting ($17) at Ojai Vineyard alongside a bachelorette party of women wearing the flowiest dresses. So Ojai. I was surprised how much I loved the whites and pinot noir as I’m usually just a fan of reds.


A few minutes walk away, nestled in the neighborhood was Tipple & Ramble. It’s a beautiful house converted into a small bar (wine and beer only) with snacks and a shop.


They have my dream backyard, with chairs, daybeds which we lounged in for over an hour, and a hammock.


A bit further away but still walkaway was our favorite of the day: Chief’s Peak, a teeny bar at the Ojai Rancho Inn.

The bar was magical, probably with all the crystals and “the all seeing eye.” I loved the decor, careful selection of drinks, and locals we chatted with.


Other spots from my previous trips:

Have you been to Ojai?

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