Sunday Bests (11/12/17)

I’m experiencing some FOMO right now, as my friends traveled to the places I had on my radar: Palm Springs and San Francisco. I decided to take it easy, especially with consuming alcoholic beverages, and live a “healthier” and slower weekend.

This was my weekend:

I attempted to go to The Broad on FRIDAY without tickets. We got there 2 hours early and the line was around the building. I decided to get tickets for another day and went to the Flower District instead. We walked around DTLA, shared a custom breakfast burrito from Wake & Lake and got the best hummus plate at Spread Mediterranean. *I think mediterranean food is my favorite.

I headed back north on SATURDAY to hike with Girls Who Hike L.A. It was a perfect day for a 6 mile hike up to Sandstone Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. I haven’t hiked as much as I want so it was great to get out there. I treated myself to lunch at Erewhon again – I got this amazing turmeric coconut chicken!

Now it’s Sunday and I’m relaxing before some more local fun. Before that, here are some GEMS from the week:

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