Catching Up in Carpinteria

Monday. 5:15 in the morning. 45 minute workout done.

I’ve slept odd hours the last couple of weeks. Some days I’ve slept from 6-10pm, stayed up and went back to bed from 2-6pm.

Last night, I fell asleep at ~7:30 after driving home in traffic from Carpinteria. But unlike usual, the 2+ hour drive and traffic didn’t phase me. I listened to podcasts and stopped at an Erewhon for dinner and Magpies for dessert.

I headed up there to see a “long lost” friend from North Carolina who moved to Carpinteria a few weeks ago.

The weekend was reminiscent of the Julie & Jordan adventures of 2009. Here are the highlight reels of our friendship:

  • Tuesday hikes in the summer
  • Setting off illegal fireworks and then having to hide in the woods
  • Tubing down the Green River with our tubes tied together
  • Stargazing and talking about what animals the clouds looked like
  • Gazillion games of beer pong, and that one time I made all the cups and he made 0.
  • Cleaning each other’s place because we didn’t want to clean our own
  • Being his +1 to his work’s holiday parties – he worked at a pizza and alehouse!
  • Playing kickball and making shirts for our duo
  • Road trip to Atlanta


Carpinteria is a sleepy beach town 15 minutes south of Santa Barbara. I saw few people there, much different than the last time I was here for the Avocado Festival. Tip: DON’T go to the Avocado Festival – it’s a crappy street fair with few avocado things.

During the day, we sat at the beach chatting before heading to Santa Barbara.


After a night of imbibing, we grabbed coffee at the Lucky Llama and then embarked on a quick hike up to Montecito Peak. We came from the north so the hike was a short 2-3 miles. I’d like to do the whole 7 miles next time.


The last few hundred feet were a doozy – we scrambled up a steep gravel incline. Being gravel, it wasn’t as hard as I expected to get down.


The entire weekend was relaxing and also filled with shenanigans. I’m not ready for the week, but it’s only a 4-day week!

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