I fell in love… (Denver trip)

That’s what I messaged my friend.

Tall, dark, good looking, laid-back and intelligent… that’s my type, and I’m less discerning with a few drinks.

My ideal guy probably lives in a place like Denver, a city big enough but hip enough.

This was my 3rd time in Denver. In the past, I went with blog friends but this time, I met up with my two best college friends (of 12 years!).

Our first stop was Asheville-based Tupelo Honey Cafe. Their menu in Denver is a bit different, but the fried chicken sandwich with a fresh bun was amazing. We paired it with 75 cent cosmos and martinis.


We had a beer each at the famous Great Divide and a favorite of locals, Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co. They had a good variety of beers.


We stopped in at Finn’s Manor for a couple glasses of wine… and the rest is fuzzy.


Somehow I felt alright the next day and we had a fabulous brunch at Root Down, recommended by Steph. My breakfast burrito wasn’t great, but those pancakes were the best I’ve had.


After dropping Kris off at the airport, we drove to Colorado Springs to see Garden of the GodsP.S. Denver traffic is really really bad.


But the best was yet to come with less traffic to boot, the Boulder Flatirons. Only about 1,400 elevation gain to a total of 7,000 feet at the top, this was easier than Big Pine Lakes (at 10,000 feet).


There was rock scrambling to get to the top, but the trail was doable with sneakers. It was also shaded!


So glad I got to spend Liz’s 30th birthday with her. Next year… Portland?


In the evening, we headed to Green Russell speakeasy in Larimer Square. The sausage and pretzel bites with beer cheese were the best I’ve had, and our super adorable water gave us 110 proof chartreuse to top off the weekend.

I am sad to leave such a magical place that made me believe in the possibility of falling in love. Really, I’m having a super hard time right now for the first time all summer.


Next trip… South Dakota? 😉 That’s apparently where the tall, brunette, cute, educated, and laid-back Mid-Western guys are from…

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