Boise City Guide

In March, Stephanie and I met up at Expo West and she had so much love for her new home, Boise, Idaho. Yeah, I was just as confused.

Over the next few months, I kept seeing Boise travel guides in Sunset magazine and online. The same thing happened with NashvilleI took it as a sign to make a side trip and boy was it a side trip! The 5+ hour drive from Bend, Oregon was an easy one, but I had really intended on going as far as Portland.

When I got to Boise, I saw the charm. Despite being the state capital, the city is dotted with green space and local shops.

Where I Drank Coffee

Boise is a contrast from Oregon’s beer obsession. Instead, you’ll find independent coffee shops (but not Starbucks). My favorite was Hyde Perk in Hyde Park, two cute blocks reminiscent of Stars Hollow.

We also stopped by a more modern Slow by Slow Coffee for their shrubs since we had coffee earlier at Thomas Hammer.

Where I Ate

Steph and I have a penchant for going to grocery stores together in the past so it was no surprise that we went to the Boise Co-op several times. Their location in the Village has the most amazing kitchen – I’m craving their Patagonia bowl and I’m planning on remaking it!

Fork is Boise. Apparently so is trout, but I got the salmon over a salad. Stephanie said the tacos were the second-best she’s ever had. I’ll be heading to Denver for her top taco pick.

Guru Donuts was closed for the holiday weekend, but I hear really good things.

Where I Visited

Downtown is a mix of old and brand spankin’ new. Much of downtown, besides the restaurants, were closed when I was in town for the 4th of July weekend.

Surprising spunky murals in Freak Alley
Old train depot

Boise is the capital of the state so they have their beautiful Capitol building.


The Oregon Trail also runs through Boise and the little trail isn’t spectacular, but it’s a must-do to be part of history.


Where I Stayed Active

Boise is known for their many trees and parks. Stephanie took me to the famed Table Rock, a more moderate hike, and Camel’s Back. After being in the mountains the week before, these hikes felt so good on my lungs!

The view from Table Rock
Follow the trail to the cross, the top of Table Rock

She also took me to the greenbelt where you can typically bike along the Boise River. You can also float the river when the water level isn’t so high from the snow last season.

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