Seattle City Guide

I am fresh off the airplane from an 11-day solo road trip through the Pacific Northwest and my favorite city on this trip was hands-down, Seattle. I was graced with a sunny heat wave during my 3-day stay.

Where I Stayed

I say this time and time again, but AirBnb is a treasure mine! I stayed in the Montlake area, in a beautiful older neighborhood. Aly is a Portland hippie living in Seattle, with crystals, house plants, and a Squatty Potty. I even bought a Squatty Potty when I came home. She might have a lot of “house rules,” but she was easy-going and friendly. Stay with her!

Seattle is compact so Montlake wasn’t too far away.

Where I Drank Coffee

Seattle is home to Starbucks so do head to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. I only made it to a couple of coffee shops, none of which I loved. Yes, I said it!

Suggestions from others include Elm Coffee Roasters, Storyville Coffee, and Ugly Mug Coffee. My host suggested Fuel Coffee.

Where I Ate

Sure, you’ll go to Pike Place and maybe stand in a long line for Beecher’s mac and cheese, but go local and check out the Ballard’s farmer’s market. I had fresh and hot naan from Tandoozy.

I almost stayed at the space above Harry’s Fine Foods so I ended up going there after I read up on them. The re-done corner cafe has character and fine foods. I got their Cobb salad with chicken salad and pickled veggies.


For fancier fare, sit in an Adirondack chair overlooking Lake Union, get a beer and some oysters at Westward. It’s expensive, but majestic.


General Porpoise only has malasadas, but they have creative flavors. I chose their honey yogurt malasada and a cold brew.


Since it was hot, I opted for ice cream. My favorite was Molly Moon‘s – I went to their hole-in-a-wall location in the Fremont area. I also stopped by a grocery store to pick up Joy the Baker’s sister’s ice cream, Sweet Lo.

Other great stops for a hot day: Rachel’s Ginger Beer with all flavors of delectable ginger beer, cocktails, and frozen cocktails.


Where I Visited

I got away from the crowds and took a ferry over to Bainbridge Island for $8.50.


The Ballard’s farmer’s market is popular in Seattle, but it’s the whole Ballard neighborhood is dreamy. It seems to be a gentrified hipster area full of shops and restaurants.

Don’t forget to visit the Fremont troll!


Capitol Hill is the location of many popular spots. I went during their Pride week

Where I Stayed Active

Instead of driving all the way to Mt. Rainier, I drove 30 minutes to see Snoqualmie Falls (a short walk and hike down to the river) and then drove down the road to Rattlesnake Ridge. The hike involves lots of switchbacks but is shaded. The view is still gorgeous despite all the people.




Seattle has tons of parks – my favorite is Volunteer Park, designed by the Olmsted family.

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