Add One Thing

Where did the weekend go?!

Starting on Friday, I went out after work for wine, beer, and vodka tonics, played pool, arcade games, and danced off against some stranger.

Of course, I didn’t feel great the day after, but it wasn’t terrible. I slept in and (kind of) remembered how much FUN I had.

Sunday came along and we were headed to Temecula. Apparently so was everyone else! We got a lot of sun(burns).


Then it was time to dance again! For our bachelorette’s lash hurrah, we took a Zumba class. I was a frequent Zumba class attendee (>4-5 times per week at one point) back in the day!

It was the most cardio I’ve done in a long time and I came out dripping in sweat.

The big day was perfect. The venue was gorgeous and the people were amazing.

FullSizeRender (3)


6 (good pour) glasses of wine in 8 hours and I did not hesitate to get on the dance floor again.

Somehow I just got really comfortable dancing this weekend with or without alcohol bevvies. Last year, I resolved to walk twice each week and it really worked out, so this year, I’m adding one thing: DANCING once each week.

What is one thing you can add to make yourself healthier, wealthier, or happier?

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