Sunday Bests (05/28/2017)

I went to a Dodgers’ game last Sunday and loved it. We even did yoga on the field after the game! I hear Petco Park is rad and I haven’t been down to San Diego in awhile.

Long Beach’s coffee game is strong – Commodity Coffee brings me Penrose!

I got the last gold palm leaf gift bag at Target

Stephanie‘s passion for Boise is real – it’s a culinary hotspot – and I’ll be there in a month!

Gaining weight looks good AND everything else that you gain! (EXACTLY!)

Favorite workouts this week – Pilates for your butt & thighs, heavy step-ups, and Tone It Up’s live Instagram workouts

Wearing this dress this weekend!

This is going to be my staple purse.

Found my 2017-2018 planner!

If I have time energy, I’ll cross-stitch a cactus this summer.

Next year, I’m going to Eat Drink Vegan or BottleRock. But this fall, we’re planning to go to GABF (Great American Beer Festival).

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